Over 497 Assets

More than 497 loans and collaterals from 6 European countries in our database are awaiting your offers. Register and browse our assets based on your preferences or find them using a map.

The process

How does B2 Assets work?

Find an asset

You can search assets by name and location or you can find an asset using the map. Search results can be narrowed down using the set of predefined filters.

Place your offer

Using our super easy bidding system you can place the offer for a single asset or add more assets to the basket and place an offer for all of them at once.

Buy an asset

Once your offer is analyzed and approved by our case managers the system will make all documents ready and all you need to do is sign them to complete the buying process.

B2 assets on map

The meaning

Purpose of B2 Assets

Purposes of B2 Assets B2 Assets platform was developed to categorize all our assets across the world in one place. It enables buyers from all over the world to browse through our assets on a global scale and place their offers at any time from the commodity of their home without traveling.

B2 Assets platform significantly reduces the time needed from initial search to the completion of buying an asset.
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Purposes of B2 Assets